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Cardano Twitter Activity

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The official account of IOHK, the backbone of Cardano's development. It provides updates, research, and insights into Cardano and other IOHK ventures.


The Cardano Foundation's official voice, sharing Cardano's growth, partnerships, and community interactions.


EMURGO's official account, the commercial branch of Cardano. They're dedicated to fostering Cardano's adoption by building, investing, and guiding projects within Cardano's decentralized blockchain ecosystem.


Sebastien Guillemot's personal account, a notable figure in the Cardano community. He shares insights, updates, and personal perspectives on Cardano and the wider crypto universe.


The Cardano Effect podcast's official account. It offers episodes, discussions, and updates, covering Cardano news, market analysis, and interviews.


Jeremy Firster's personal account, a project manager at IOHK. He shares insights, updates, and experiences related to Cardano, IOHK's initiatives, and the wider blockchain world.


Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK. Renowned for his live streams and interviews, he provides insights into Cardano's technology, vision, and ongoing developments.


Stay updated with the latest in Cardano's journey. This account offers a holistic view of Cardano's news, announcements, and developments.


Another official voice of the Cardano Foundation, shedding light on the Cardano ecosystem's insights, updates, and news.


Your daily dose of Cardano updates, news, and insights. Stay informed about the Cardano ecosystem every day.


Delve deep into Cardano's progress and developments with regular reports and analyses from this account.


A specialized account for disseminating the latest Cardano news, updates, and events.


Stay updated with timely alerts, crucial updates, and announcements related to Cardano.