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Welcome to AAA Pool

Dive deep into the world of AAA Pool at Here, you'll uncover the intricacies of AAA, its operations, collaboration avenues, and more. Grasp the essence of our platform and the distinctiveness of the AAA Pool. Join us on this journey to understand why the AAA Pool holds a special place in the Cardano community.

We collaborate with:

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Why Choose to Stake with Us?

  • We're proud contributors to the Guild Operators and actively participate in open-source projects on the guild-operators repository.
  • Charity is at our core. A segment of our pool rewards is channeled to charitable endeavors, including contributions to the non-profit, KIVA.
  • With a footprint spanning European and Australian time zones, we guarantee round-the-clock support. Connect with us on Telegram or Twitter anytime you need.
  • We're advocates for Cardano's global decentralization, operating cardano-node software relays across the globe (covering four continents), including a distinctive relay in South Africa!
  • Our engagement is widespread, encompassing multiple Cardano testnet networks, the Cardano GitHub repository, the Stake Pool Operator Best Practices Telegram channel, and community ventures like,,, and
  • We're integral to the Koios project, striving to deliver a decentralized API for Cardano-centric apps and services.

Active Stake:
0.00 Million ADA

Total Delegators:

AAA Pool's Blocks count on Mainnet

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Celebrating Excellence in ITN

We are thrilled to announce that the team and our pool 'AAA' have been honored with prestigious awards for our contributions during the Incentivize Testnet (ITN) phase. These awards not only highlight our team's dedication to the Cardano ecosystem but also signify the success of our efforts in supporting the network's growth and decentralization.

It has been a journey of commitment, collaboration, and innovation, and we are proud to have played a role in advancing Cardano's goals. These awards inspire us to continue our mission of fostering a robust and decentralized Cardano blockchain.

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