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Who are we?

Stakelovelace.ioopen in new window, which emerged from the vibrant world of Cardano, serves as a beacon for individuals seeking to join in the Cardano staking ecosystem. AAA, our flagship pool, is dedicated to providing top-tier Cardano staking services to the ever-expanding community.

Our team was formed by the combination of two dedicated Stake Pool Operators - Homer from Australia and Redoracle from Europe - and delivers a blend of skill and dedication that crosses geographical boundaries. We take pride in providing continuous 24/7 service and support, guaranteeing that our community members always have a dependable partner in their Cardano staking adventure.

It's not only about staking at Stakelovelace.ioopen in new window; it's about building a trusting environment where every member feels respected and supported. We encourage you to join us in strengthening the Cardano network and shaping the decentralized future.

AAA Operators