Why stake with us?

  • Some of the pool rewards get converted into fiat and used for charitable purposes, such as KIVA non-profit organization loans.
  • We provide around the clock (being located in European and Australian time zones) contact point and support for our delegators via Telegram and our pool account on Twitter, should they have any questions or issues they need assistance with.
    We are operating cardano-node software relays in several regions of the globe, supporting network’s geographic decentralization, including (at the time of writing) the only relay in the nation of Kenya!
  • We are active on multiple Cardano testnet networks, cardano github repo (creating new bug/issue reports), Stake Pool Operator Best Practices channel on Telegram and also assist with localization and testing some of the community-driven projects such as Pooltool.io, Adastat.net, Adawallet.io and TyphonWallet.io.
    We are involved in project Koios (https://www.koios.rest/) that aims to provide a flexible decentralized API for use by applications and services being built on Cardano blockchain.