Here you can find the most common questions answered 😄

What is Shelley?

The decentralized future of Cardano is called Shelley. This is the transition phase between IOHK running the Cardano network alone, to allowing the public to run stake pool and secure the network.

What is a Cardano Staking pool?

A staking pool is a core node in Cardano’s peer-to-peer payment network. It generates blocks for Cardano’s blockchain on behalf of the stakeholders in the staking pool, thus earning regular rewards for the stakeholders.

Why we do need Cardano Stacking pool?

Stakeholders of Cardano’s ADA coin are randomly selected to generate blocks for Cardano’s blockchain. When a stakeholder is selected, they must be online and connected to the Cardano network in order to generate a valid block, and to earn minting rewards in return.

This is done to maintain the protocol in a decentralized fashion. However, the probability of a stakeholder being selected is proportional to the size of their stake.

This means that the more ADA coins a stakeholder has, the more likely they are to be selected. As a reference, a stakeholder who owns 20,000.00 ADA is selected approximately once per year to generate a block, and earn a reward. Stakeholders can gather their ADA coins in staking pools, thus increasing the stake of the staking pool, and increasing their probability of being selected. When a stakeholder in a staking pool is selected, the staking pool will also complete the block creation obligations on behalf of the stakeholder. This results in frequent rewards for all stakeholders, even when they are offline.

Is there any risk in staking?

No. Your funds will stay safe in your wallet, and we will never be able to access them.

You should NEVER send your ADA to anyone when staking – the funds should always stay in your wallet.

Shall I join a staking pool?

If you cannot be connected to the Cardano network at all times, and wish to earn frequent minting rewards, then yes.

Do I need to send ADA to hte pool? (once again)

No. You should never, ever send ADA to any staking pool.

To earn rewards, you only need to delegate all, or some of your stake to your selected staking pools by using your Daedalus Wallet.

How do I get my rewards?

Your staking rewards will be paid to your wallet every day. The system will give you a reward wallet where you can access them. This is part of the Cardano protocol, and not something we have any influence over.

Once the incentivized test-net phase is over, all rewards will be transferred to your real account on main-net.

Should I run my own pool?

Yes! 😄 If you have the interest and skills to run your own pool, you should do so. This helps the Cardano protocol decentralize even further. If you just want to get your staking rewards and help the community and future of Cardano, you should delegate your stake to our pool.

Shoul I join big pools?

Joining the largest staking pools is not recommended. This could lead to unevenly distributed staking pools, where a few number of large pools dominate the block generation in the network, which can drastically affect Cardano network’s stability and security.