Our Premium Cardano Pools are ready!

Our public pool’s tickers are:

  1. AAAID: fcbfb4a3c18f890de7a51f68603b18e654f8b432abdda17c53a0d586
  2. AAA2ID: ec7871705e483ac323f53c0f68f9c776a72b785967c444c9bf119393

Our private pool’s ticker is:

  • SEXY (please do not delegate here, you can still delegate to AAA or AAA2)ID: 66e4abd18e4623a2a0acafc9ba78683d56785f4b74d50c7a981c42d9

Pool IDs are to verify the authenticity of the pool, so you can verify you are delegating to the right pool and not to anyone impersonating us.