Staking with love our future!

SEXY is the first and most important stake pool created by us

Many of you will wonder the reason behind the choice of SEXY as ticker?

Some may speculate that there are only marketing reasons behind it, instead we chose the name by asking ourself the following question:

Which adjective can best describe the philosophy behind the

Proo-of-Stake algorithm

and the opportunities that this technology offers, not only from a technical point of view but also and above all the social aspect?

For us to have:

  • to have a public as well as immutable database available to everyone is SEXY!
  • an equal system for everyone without third parties who handle and charge additional costs is SEXY!
  • to be able to send payments directly to a counterpart on the other side of the world with very low costs in seconds is SEXY!
  • the application of formal methods to real use case is SEXY!
  • and for us there’s nothing more SEXY in the crypto-currency horizon than the blockchain Cardano!

For all these reasons the name SEXY has been chosen and also because in the end how can we resist the taste of the future that Cardano is offering us?? 🙂

Cardano is all this and much more!!

We at can not wait to develop real solutions with the use of the blockchain Cardano using the public tenders of the European community and beyond..
The evolution of Cardano and the multi-verso linked to it will correspond to an economic/social transformation that is just waiting for all of us!

Forza Cardano!!!