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What is Proof of Stake?


Emurgo Blog

GitHub Repository Emurgo

GitHub Repository IOHK

IOHK Library

Jormungandr Releases

Alternate-Jormungandr-Testnet scripts
best script ever to setting up your pool

PoolTool – Great tool to check pools stats

ADAPools – An other great tool to check pools stats

Pegasus App – Mobile App to check pools stats

Cardano Foundation Youtube Channel

Emurgo Youtube Channel

ITN – Incentivized Test Net – Friendly pools:

Those are pools we also suggest you to delegate in order to facilitate decentralization. We know those operators directly and we guarantee their help and cooperation in helping the Cardano ecosystem.

There is no order, please check which pool suits best your preferences also by checking their stats.

  • CLIO1 (author of Cardano on the ROCKS
  • LOVE (official Pool)
  • PEGA
  • UNDR
  • BNTY1
  • DIGI – DIGI2
  • ANP
  • LVLY
  • RDLRT (author of Alternate-Jormugandr-..)
  • STAT
  • STDN
  • SAND
  • FROG (admin of the “Stake Bootstrap Channel on Telegram)
  • AAA – AAA2 – AAA3