Jstatus WatchDog


jstatus.sh is a Bash script for your Jormungandr Active / Passive Nodes Monitoring, Node Health Check, Storage Backup and much more…


1) Node (passive/active) stats monitoring
2) Pool Stats (grabbed from IOHK eplorer)
3) Sqlite Storage Backup
4) PoolTool tip submission
5) PoolTool slots submission
6) PoolTool public tip stats plot
7) PoolTool stats (win/loss json)
8) TG messages on block created/rejected
9) Auto recovery restart of the node

Monitoring Parameters Explained:

1) HOST: Hostname of the server where the script is running

2) Blocks: The all time total amount of blocks produced by the Pool

3) Epoch: Full Current Epoch format

4) Uptime: Total time the Jormungandr process is up and running without restarts

5) Storage: Current Dimension of Jormungandr sqlite DB

6) BlockHeight: Current blockheight and report of the PoolTool.io’s Submission Tip

7) PoolTheight: PoolTool.io Stats

8) Quarantined: Quarantined connections

9) Established: Established connections

10) Pool’s Blocks Stats:

10a) Made blocks on the blockchain in the current Epoch

10b) Total Made pool’s blocks in the current Epoch

10c) Multi-leader slot won (PoolTool.io)

10d) Multi-leader slot lost (PoolTool.io)

10e) Rejected blocks in the current Epoch

10f) Remaining slots to be compute before the end of the current Epoch

10g) Total assigned slots of the current Epoch

10h) Number of planned slots to be computed in the current hour

11) Last Tx Hash

12) last 2 blocks: Latest blocks computed by the pool, respectively in the Past – Current – Future (hour)

13) Menu description: Current hour next block planned

14) Menu Prompt: First 2 slots assigned in the next hour

15) Pool Stats (Current Delegated stake, last Epoch rewards for both delegators and the pool it self.)


  • Linux OS
  • Jormungandr node up and running
  • net-tools installed (needed to collect network stats)

Download Link

Installation and usage:

  1. Once downloaded you can run it as is for passive nodes (if so skip to point 3)
  2. while if you want to monitor a pool and have more stats than you need to edit the script and customize it (see points: 5,6,7)
  3. give it executable permissions by using: “chmod +x jstatus.sh”
  4. then just ru it: “./jstatus.sh”
  5. if it is the first time you will probably make sure to set your env API endpoint: “i.e.: export JORMUNGANDR_RESTAPI_URL=”
  6. you may want also to customize the Pool ID: “i.e: export MY_POOL_ID=<YOUR_POOL_ID>”
  7. and if you fancy (I raccomend it) to submit to pooltool.io your pool tip, than you can also set: “MY_USER_ID” variable within the script.